There are 4 different ways in which Remans view the world.  We will examine them as Tabby explores Rema.  

The first religion for her to stumble upon is the basic, most practiced religion on Rema.  It is so widespread and culturally embedded, there is no name for it.  It's simply accepted as factual.  "The Remanon" is a history book that is taught to all school children.  In actuality it is a religious book, and includes many myths and legends regarding the 5 main gods, a few kings, and some mythical creatures. 

The Remanon is divided into 3 volumes, each volume containing 4 to 50 books, and then each book is divided into some 3-50 parts.  Volume one includes the creation myth and a coverage of early Reman history.  Volume two focuses mostly on wars between geists, gods, and the Turaen race.  Volume three revolves mostly around the lives of several famous kings with modern history still being added.  There are only a few myths that are crucial to the story, so those are the ones that will be presented here for your reference. 

Present in three of the main Reman religions are the five gods and goddesses.  They are as follows:

MEROFI - Goddess of water (rain, mist)

FELAXX - Goddess of fire (lava, heat)

CYPHR - God of forces (gravity, lightening, light)

REMA - Goddess of the ground (plants, earth)

GRATIAT - God of air (wind)

Volume 1, Book 1, Lesson 1 of The Remanon is the creation myth.  Reading this myth, you can learn more precisely the roles of the 5 gods and goddesses, how they created life on Rema, and what most people view geists as.  An exact definition of what geists are is yet to be formed, but perhaps Tabby will discover their secret sooner or later as she continues to explore their world.  Until then, please feel free to read the creation myth from The Remanon.

Remanon Volume 1, Book 1, Lesson 1 (Please allow time for the images to download, approx. 400KB)