Reman Map



-Sciphr (Cyphran clan)

-Faast (Gratian/Reman/Felaxxian clans)

-Himod (Felaxxian clan)

-Auvis (Gratian clan) 

-Zike Wyck (Turaens) 

-Chynco (Cyphran/Merofian clans)

-Cerey (Merofian clan)

-Kiirs (Reman clan)



-Auvis is located on a floating continent.  It is the last remaining monarchy on Rema.  Cerey was the second to last kingdom, and converted to a democratic system 8 years ago.  Cerey is Philip's hometown.

-Felaxx's Blood is actually a lava river, flowing from Mt. Himod and into Himod Canyon where the lava rejoins the underground river.  Paeter is originally from Himod.

-Kiirs is a city nestled in a dormant volcano's mouth.  This is where Raed is originally from.  To learn more about this city, please read "Exile From Kiirs".

-The Cyphron Islands are actually coral reefs that stick out of the water.  They tend to grow in a pattern that converge at one point.

-The Crystal Forests are large columns of a quartz-like stone called chion that form in the appearance of trees.  Chynco's buildings are made of this material.  The Sugar Pools and Caverns also consist of chion.