Flying On Rema

     Flying is something that is exclusive to Remans only. Remans fly by channeling the unique energy that comes from the planet,called ciphrony, through their bodies. They also use ciphrony to power machinery, like the transports used to take Tabetha to Rema.

Since ciphrony is an abundant and natural resource (the origins of it are still unclear, as Remans have never really thought to investigate the source of ciphrony, and accept it as power given to them by their gods), the air on Rema is very clean and there is little need for machines of transportation. Harnessed, domesticated, creatures are used only for long distance travel between cities.

    Flying is a skill that’s developed at a very young age, much like walking. The distance and length of time that one can fly in the air depends upon the individual.

Most Remans can only stay in the air for a few minutes at a time, some can only levitate and not move themselves around. Some can only jump extremely high, while others are fairly good at flying and can stay mobile in the air for as much as 10 minutes.

    Even though everyone is not equal when it comes to flying, it’s easy to find a friendly citizen who’s willing to fly for you. It’s a fairly common practice to hold a fellow’s hand and levitate them using your own ciphrony. The ciphrony can spread from your body to theirs and help them fly better, or they can simply relax and let you do all the flying.

Most children need to be escorted in this way by someone who is good at flying until they’re around 13, if they want to fly longer distances. There are also certain natural objects, such as Nucci shells found in the Merofian Sea, that are good conductors of ciphrony. They can enhance your own flying skills when worn.

    Because of the limitations found with flying, most cities have tall columns erected for people to rest on between long travels from one place to another. This also brings up the subject of architecture.

Most Reman buildings don’t have stairs. They only have platforms or very sparsely rung ladders for people to rest on as they ascend. The richest people usually have the tallest buildings, since they typically give their children flying lessons so that they’ll be able to fly further and higher than the rest.

However, even with good flying lessons, a graduate from a prestigious school of flight is no match for a rigorously practiced, strictly trained keeper.

     The most spectacular flyers are geists and keepers. Keepers are required to be capable of flying at least a distance of 20 miles, and to be able to fly fairly fast. They are also trained to be able to change the direction of their path of flight extremely quickly since it’s required when fighting.

It’s not completely documented, but historians speculate that geists are capable of at least five times the flying skill of keepers.