Not too long ago in a world too far away to mention,

a young man was told to go to Earth by

his superiors and find a leaf from a tree.  The leaf

was to be used in an effort to breath life back into

the desperate neighbor and moody older sibling

named Nonak.  The young man did bring back the

magic ingredient that ultimately saved the lives of

both the older and younger siblings, but it was not the

leaf that did the trick.


April 2013 UPDATE:

Reman Mythology is now being serialized as an illustrated online novel, entitled "Rema," at

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Welcome to the Reman Mythology website.  RM is a comic I've been serializing on the web since 2003 at the slow pace of a page a week.  Since then, I've had the wonderful opportunity to have my first graphic novel professionally published in 2006 entitled "Sorcerers & Secretaries".  While working on S&S, I had to put RM on hold.  Doing so allowed me to step back a moment and detach myself from my favorite story.  While RM was and still is my favorite world to visit, I noticed how great it was to give all of my full attention and energy on Sorcerers & Secretaries, and wanted the same focus for Reman Myth as well.  So, in August 2005 I decided to halt the production of RM all together.  My new plan is to start over from page 1 and do it right.  Ideally it would be available through a publisher, although, I have no telling what the future holds for this project.  We'll see when the time comes. No matter what happens though, I will find a way to share it with you when it's ready.

So, if you're new to my site I invite you to read through the 250 or so pages that are already online and enjoy the previous incarnation of my story.  These pages will remain for free online, as will all of the information on the world of Rema, the gift art from readers, and notes on it's inception.  I hope you enjoy it!

Reman Mythology is 1999~2003, Amy Kim Ganter.  Contact: